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“β€œβ€You introduced me to the ********* diet and have continued to blend its principles into our weekly calls and daily and training nutrition suggestions. Most recently looking at foods that are right for me on long bike rides to compliment the carb drinks (bars found and ordered!). The result has been no weight gain over the winter months / off season, no more cramping / bloated stomach from the wrong foods and WAY more energy. (only vice I can't give up is the coffee - but caffeine is down to hardly anything day to day and feel loads better for it) . Thanks Joe :-)” ”
Dannie Hayes, EXTRA Coaching client since September 2019, email received Feb 2024.
“On the ‘coaching works’ theme - I knew I needed to loose weight and I knew I wanted to loose it too. Having Joe on my side made the difference between desire and achievement. Joe gave me the framework and method to turn 16kg of fat into thin air. ”
Jon Getz. EXTRA coaching Triathlete, February 2024.
“On the ‘coaching works’ theme - I’ve just finished ten events in ten weeks. This has brought me four pbs, three medals, (two at National Championships and one at the European Middle Distance Championships) and bucket loads of fun. Could I have achieved this on my own? That is a categorical NO! Thanks Joe.”
Kath Finn. EXTRA coaching Triathlete racing with JBST since 2016.
“Do you remember the ridiculous set of goals I set for our first season together? It was in our first or second phone conversation… Win all my club champ tt’s up to 100miles, Beat all my PB’s (10,25,50 TT), Go sub 20 in a 10TT. We had a chuckle together… I believe you said ‘not much then!’. After the weekend there were 2 left to get: beat my 50TT and go sub 20… Well…only the 50TT left now ;-) 19:57 You know you’re pretty amazing at sport science and coaching πŸ™‚I hope you know that Joe. Did first 10TT of the year...PB 20:27!!! Still can’t believe it and I’m looking at the file!!. Woke up still in disbelief πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ hopefully get a bit of gain when I sort out my bars and still got the Timewarp skinsuit to add into the mix πŸ˜€ the sub 20 is on!!”
Neil Poulton. EXTRA coaching, Bioracer AeroOptimisation, Time Trial and Track racing from 2018.
“Job done! Agreed plan kept front of mind, held off on the bike and ran stronger. 25 mins faster than last outing at this race/venue and a 70.3 PB by 5 mins, despite a hot and hilly run. BETA fuel is greaaaat btw. No issues at all throughout and plan stuck to. Very happy with that. Three weeks to the full, lots to look forward to. Catch up Tuesday. Thanks for all your support as always. Top Coach πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»””
Dan Jarrold. EXTRA coaching Triathlete
“Not too bad today Joe. 5:15 (Holkham half) on a course that is harder than Nottingham. 12 minutes faster than my previous PB on that course. Good swim (34 mins), solid bike (averaged 20.7) and OK run (1:50). Reasonably happy although still running with a pain in my Achilles. I will get my physio to give me a course of treatment between now an IM Hamburg””
Daren Allen. EXTRA coaching Triathlete and CLS Tri Camp attendee.
“I seriously cannot thank you enough for not only providing a top professional coaching service but transforming and improving my health and well being. When I joined you last April I was totally exhausted by strenuous HIT training, with my recovery taking days to overcome. Since joining you I am now completing weekly 13 to 14hrs training. The additional advice you provide on nutrition, supplementation and more is exceptional, this was highlighted this morning in the transformation of my recent blood profiling results.”
Andrew Devonald. PREMIUM coaching Triathlete, 70.3 Ironman 2018 World Championships..
“Hey bud just got back thanks for everything training is one thing executing it on race day is just a feeling I can’t describe ; been quite emotional 😭 an all WTF πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ seriously can’t thank you enough and you know the sweetest thing it came down to the last mile in marathon I caught his German I raced before which was sweet !! Just kept telling myself I’m going to catch him it took 24 miles but I had him… couldn’t have done it without you I mean two world championships qualification all in my 50th Birthday year it’s just incredible that we pulled it off bud ! It’s awesome 😎 ”
Paul Thomas. PREMIUM coaching Triathlete, 9h 28 PB Ironman Cozumal - qualified for 70.3 Nice and Ironman 2019 World Championships..
“Joe, thanks for your guidance and support over the last two years. In addition to getting me across the line in two Ironman races, your focus on Zone 1 has paid off with personal bests at 10K, Half Marathon, Olympic and 70.3. I’d recommend anyone trying to balance work, family and sporting ambitions to work with you, not just for the results, but learning about the smarter and better ways to train while balancing multiple priorities.”
Mike Bowie. Triathlete, Coaching client 2016-2018.
“I came to you at the end of 2017 as a pretty down beat triathlete so I went for a last throw of the dice to see if I could possibly integrate the sport with a busy family and work life and enjoy it again, whilst having some ambitions which appeared totally in achievable in my state at the time. Well what can i say!! The improvements I have gained in knowledge over training, nutrition, general health and strategy has blown me away, this has been reflected in me developing an aerobic base where I can run comfortably close to under 7 min miling in z1, a new Ironman pb by 40 minutes and top 4% of the overall field at the European championships in my 2nd ironman and winning a half ironman whilst in full training! All things I didn’t think were possible let alone in the space of 6 months!! The biggest testimony though is that I now love the sport again, totally enthused and it now integrates perfectly with my family and work with it enhancing everything and not being a burden anymore!! Thankyou.”
Matt Pritchard. Triathlete, Property Developer, Dad, Premium client.
“Signed up for a second year with Joe, after a very successful first 12 months. Coach looks at the whole athlete first and doesn’t push a vanilla, one size fits all training plan. His plans adapt to accommodate the demands of modern life, but are still very goal oriented and data led. He knows when to soft pedal, he knows when to press. New thinking is introduced along the way, addressing wellbeing on and off the bike. My annual medical produced my best ever scores. I cycled more miles than ever before in the year. I notched a number of personal bests along the way. I’m not a competing athlete, but I come into year two looking and being demonstrably being fitter and healthier. ”
Stephen Moon. Cyclistt. CEO. E-mail testimony.
“Wow! What an amazing season. I got to the wrong side of 60, thinking I'll never put in a lifetime PB again. Well, how wrong can you get! Since last year I've lost 13kg in weight and had a good winter's training. I've never been under the hour prior to this year, now, I've done it 6 times, including a 58:25 more than 4 minutes quicker than my previous PB. All thanks to Joe's wise words, feeding strategies, encouragement, and great training plans. Last year, I was happy to go under 26mins for 10 miles, this year I've gone under 25 mins 14 times and broken 14 of my course PB's. All down to consistent training and some great pacing and racing tips from Joe. I've also won 2 Welsh Age Group Medals at 10 and 25 miles and a National Age Group Medal at 25miles (59:14), set new lifetime PB's for 3.8, 5, and 7.5 miles. I've never felt this strong and fit before!”
Debbie Sheridan. Time Triallist.
“My endurance running and racing has hugely improved and Joe has given me many helpful small tips that have made a big difference. I’ve finished 3 x 100 mile runs in brutally hot weather this summer and got PBs on the South Downs Way 50 and Chilterns 50. I’m well on my way to my third ultra running grand slam. Thank you.”
Tracey Watson. Ultra Runner, E-mail testimony. Coaching client since May 2017
“I’ve been using Coach Joe’s Z1 focused system for five months and I’m in the best shape I have been in January for many, many years in measurable terms such as training hours achieved, heart rate, body composition, lack of general health and injury problems. Other “time crunched” or “high intensity” style coaching programmes used in previous years have always resulted in me breaking down at some stage. The Z1 approach has given me a real foundation. I was initially concerned about “junk miles” using the methodology, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. It works.”
S.M, Company CEO. E-mail testimony. EXTRA Coaching client since September 2017
“Joe - thanks for another great year! The results say it all Marathon PB and good for age time; Half ironman PB; Olympic PB and 2nd in my age group at London; Sprint distance PB; 10km PB; One year older -> one year faster all on 5,5 hours a week training - now that's smart! Looking forward to 2018.”
Darrel Yawitch, Triathlete on EXTRA Coachign Programme. EXTRA Coaching client since October 2015
“You’ve brought me a long way in 4 years Joe; leaner, fitter, I’ve learnt to listen to my body, we’ve been able to knock over 30min off my previous best in the Medio Dragon Ride. You’ve given me the confidence and ability to tackle the far longer Gran Fondo and achieve a decent time. I’m also still getting some PB’s even though I’m now mid- fifties. Thank you so much Joe”
Ken Anderson Sportive client on EXTRA package 2013 to 2017
“Joined JBST in late 2016 at the end of my second Tri season on a club recommendation. Following Joe's training plans and ethos has seen a PB by 20mins at 70.3 and a top half finish in a tough race at IM Sweden first time at full distance. Exceeding the target and finishing strong. Train smart, race strong. Thanks Joe, that would not have happened without your input. Now let's lose an hour before next year...”
Dan Jarrold post Ironman Sweden 12h3mins debut. Coaching EXTRA client since October 2016
“I very quickly saw that Joe has a depth of knowledge like no other. He has clearly used and collated information over the years with a passion to learn and adapt any techniques and methods he uses. I must admit that the smart training Joe has given me has developed me very quickly, definitely in a physical way, but also in a psychological sense, putting me in a very positive, confident state ahead of the 70.3 world champs in the USA next month. If I have gained this much in such a short space of time, Imagine what we can do in the years to come! Exciting times.”
Harry Edney EXTRA coaching client, A/G winner Weymouth 70.3 2016 - 1st Allerthorpe Triathlon.
“Reckon that has been a pretty good first 6 months - I'm well, uninjured, happy, having loads of fun, learning, pbs all over the place and qualifications gained for next year - good job!”
Kath Finn Standard coaching client, e-mail after European Middle Distance Champs. Coaching client since December 2016
“I am six months into my coaching relationship with Joe, and my understanding of training myself, the sport and the important balance to achieve between life’s other arenas could not be more different from where I started. Joe’s constant education, planning, encouragement and understanding was the missing piece from my independent approach over the last two seasons (my first two in Triathlon). I had read loads and listened to advice previously but in fact taken on very little of what fits in getting me to where I want to be. Joe’s focus on smart training does completely fit with me. I now have expert input on tap for understanding my short and long-term training patterns, session value and objectives, when to push and when to rest, not to mention advice on diet, equipment, race scheduling and so much more. I am able to tackle more training of a higher quality and recover more quickly following Joe’s advice than I could ever have achieved with my old ‘go longer’ ‘go faster’ focus – which was in many way’s more breaking me down than building me up. Ali Brownlee I will never be, but I have more enjoyment in training than ever before, and a few weeks out from my first event of a busy 2017 season, I am raring to go. Thank you Joe”
Dan Jarrold EXTRA coaching client e-mail 2017 Coaching client since October 2016
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“12 weeks ago Joe gave me the confidence to enter Ironman Cozumel, our goal was Kona qualification. Utilizing Coach JB’s technical expertise, wealth of experience and smart approach to training, I executed our race plan… Boom qualified for Kona. I can’t thank Coach JB enough his support and guidance has been awesome. Unbelievable, this is a dream come true… KONA BABY!!!! Thank you so much Joe.”
Paul Thomas PREMIUM client - IM Cozumal 10:00:43 (5th in AG) Qualified for Hawaii Ironman World Championship 2017 Coaching client since September 2016
“Dear Joe, I am and always will be grateful for your support and tailored help to me. Everything I achieved in triathlon from podium places, to finishing incredibly hard races as Ironman Lanzarote was, to recover from hard and debilitating injuries, I owe it to you and to your knowledge and professional approach. I cannot find words enough to describe how grateful I am, 11 years well spent.”
Ludovica Bruno Triathlete - 2x Ironman (Lanzarote 12h 37mins, Roth 12h25mins) - A/G qualifier in Sprint & Standard distance (Italia). Coaching client 2005-2016
“After 3 years of Ironman racing I have finally gone under 10hrs, with a 3:15 marathon. Twice this year I have produced these results, taking a massive 45 minutes off my run time. Since utilising Coach JB for the last 12 months my Aerobic engine has grown beyond what I thought I was capable of, and now comfortably running sub 7min/miles. Through well thought out tailored training plans, not only has JB improved me in all three disciplines but we have kept injury at bay. Thanks to Coach JB that dream of racing at Kona is now on the horizon!”
Steve Williams Triathlete - 7x Ironman - IM Austria 9:53:00 – IM Mallorca 9:53:14 (28th in AG) EXTRA coaching program since October 2015
“Very happy with today's result (11 hours 11 minutes). A new PB by 44minutes. Thanks to everyone for their support especially my long suffering wife who puts up with the endless training. Another checking weekend with the Ipswich Triathlon club guys. Last but not least a big thank you to my coach Joe Beer for his help and guidance. I would never have achieved today's time without him.”
Daren Allen Triathlete - Ironman PB at Barcelona October 2016. Club La Santa training camp attendee x2 and started EXTRA coaching April 2016
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“Liverpool Standard distance - ETU Kitsbul Age Group Qualification. No warm up as Hotel gym shut! Swam relaxed but hard, rode hard (82%avHRM, ran even harder 86%avHRM, new maxHR - 91% - 2.09.25 5TH IN AGE GROUP - ECSTATIC!!”
Doug Hosking Standard Distance Triathlete August 2016 - qualified for ETU Championships 2017. First started EXTRA coaching October 2015.
“52:23, 327W. 10 mins pb in a year ain't bad :) 4th out of 120 I think, the next group of 120 riders are yet to ride. Marcin is here so i imagine the 25 record will fall…Another thing to mention is the amazing prediction from my windsock; it said 52:40. Only 17 seconds out!”
Adrian Lane Time Trial Cyclist September 2016 - PB by almost 10-minutes and average power up 25-miles. First started EXTRA coaching November 2015.
"Still very happy to get under 6 hours…Bike split was faster than my “dream goal” version. I thought I was going a bit too fast because my legs felt a bit damaged on the last few hills - possibly more so than at Maastricht. I don’t think I was very good at sticking to power, although I did try on hills. Run split was only slightly slower than my “dream goal”, but importantly for me, I felt strong and in control throughout. I could speed up to get around people and, after discovering I was running well, I could make myself stick below 9min mile pace. I could have run further at that pace, although probably not a full marathon. So thanks again. ”
Simon Willis Ironman 70.3 Weymouth - 1x Ironman and 2 x 70.3 Finisher with JBST EXTRA Coaching starting 2015..
"Hi Joe. Great day swim 2nd best PB. Bike IM PB, set up has been great since you set me up, Nopinz overshoes worked a treat and very comfy and the Bioracer suit. The run a bit disappointed with but hey ho. Sadly there is only 1 slot in the old fellas but going to the roll down tomorrow and the awards. Very happy and to be honest a bit emotional (it's been a long day....). So many thanks for your help all round πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸΎ”
PREMIUM client Dave Ambler 17x Ironman Finisher, 12h 8mins PB at 60 years of age, August 2016. Coaching starting January 2002..
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"Hi Joe. Had a good race today. I improved my PB by 9 minutes (5:21:39). I thought the swim was slow but was quite surprised with 35:46. I felt stronger on the bike and despite high cross winds and one section where we were riding into the wind I averaged 19.7 on the bike (2:56:16 for 92.8K) and a new PB on the run (for a triathlon) of 01:44:58. Really pleased.”
Daren Allen Triathlete - another new PB at Ely Middle Distance August 2016 5h21mins First started EXTRA coaching April 2016 in build to Ironman Barcelona.
“Yeovil 5 mile TT. Legs finally starting to feel strong. Power = 379W (PB) HR= 182. Time 11:27. Feel as though a 360W 10 is possible again. Great moral boost and happy with performance. 4 or 5th out of 29 riders 😊 — — S4/25 mile TT: low wind, PB time of 56:43 which is just over 3 minutes off of the last 25. Had an issue with pacing and feel that a 55 is possible on this course. Power around 325/328 which is up a little from last time. Overall very pleased with how it went :) —— 25 mile Tt. Headwind on the way out was horrible. Power around 326W so pretty much the same. Time 53:56 so another 2:47 improvement”
Adrian Lane Time Trial Cyclist - new PBs and Power Bests in 2016 for 5, 10, 25-miles. First started coaching November 2015.
“Great race today!! I am soooo happy!!! Thank you… 4th!!!… the fastest I ever been in a 70.3 but it was very flat and horrendously hot but I know about hydration and.. Caffeine”
Ludovica Bruno Triathlete - new PB and 4th in AG at 70.3 Budapest July 2016, 5h29mins First started coaching 2005.
"Thanks for again for awesome coaching Joe - somehow managed to get a PB. Swim wasn't great - swam much further than I refer to due to foggy Google and bright sunshine. Smashed the bike - the average power will come out under 200w. Somehow managed to get a 5hr 12. First half of the run was really strong and consistent - second half was tough. Battery on garmin ran out - which made it tough to pace (and affected me psychologically). Found it really hard to start running again quite a few times after walking through aid stations. Happy with a PB though! Thank you”
Alistair Duggin Triathlete - new PB at Ironman Austria June 2016 10h34mins First started coaching Sepetmber 2014.
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"Hi Joe. I had a good race today. 6 minutes off of my PB (5:30) I will put more in my training diary but wanted to thank you for your help to date. I ran a PB for the run and felt really strong throughout. I crashed on the bike so I think there is a little more to come. Next time I will dip under 5:30.”
Daren Allen Triathlete - new PB at Outlaw Half May 2016 5h24mins First started coaching April 2016 in build to Ironman Barcelona.
"Joe, thanks very much, absolutely loved it. Can't believe I've gone sub 10. Thanks again, will send you a full report later in the week, gonna enjoy tonight. Don't think I'll be running for a while mind, foot is goosed!!”
Andrew Ackerley Triathlete - first-time over Ironman distance Austria June 2016 9h53mins PREMIUM Coaching client late 2015 onwards.
"Thanks for your help with the training. Today went well so looking good for the etape. “…now must sleep but wanted to let you know you have done good things and I appreciate your input! Thanks”
Gareth Williams Sportive Rider - after Dartmoor Classic (6h36; 107miles) by text Coaching advice client since 2015.
"Big big thank you to Joe Beer for getting me fit and ready for Ironman Austria and having faith in me. There is no way I could have got that result and enjoyed the experience so much without the last 6 months of training and valuable advice. 'm even thinking about doing another one!"
Angela Ackerley Triathlete - first-time over Ironman Austria June 2016 12h13mins PREMIUM Coaching client late 2015 onwards.
"Wow! Finished 3rd in the Pro race (and 3rd overall) at Powerman USA National Championships. Ecstatic. Not bad for an old guy who trains less then 8 hours per week. Very happy! Thanks for believing in me Bob Bob Tobin and Joe Beer"
Lee Piercy, Duathlete - podium Powerman Arizona 2015 Coaching client since 2001, Training Camp attendee since 2007
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"Ironman is an event unlike any other and, as a first timer, I had no idea how to train to optimise performance. Fortunately I met Joe Beer and he was able to use his wealth of experience to guide me to race day, not only focusing on the very specific training sessions themselves, but also on recovery, fuelling and aerodynamics. Through the carefully controlled increase in volumes I remained injury free and arrived at the start line feeling in the best shape if my life. I surprised myself by qualifying for the World Championships in Kona, which led to a three month extension of the training programme and a further focus from Joe in his constant search for marginal gains. The heat and wind of Kona lived up to expectations but it was an incredible experience and I was pleased with a personal best time [of 9hrs51]. Overall, it's been an incredible, life changing, year and I am very grateful to Joe for allowing me to benefit from his knowledge and experience and attention to detail."
Jon Hall, Hawaii Ironman Championship qualifier 2015 - PB 9h51mins Premium coaching client 2015
Epic day for me here thanks coach, as you may have seen. Smashed my PB by 1hr 10min. Really pleased with challenging sea swim 1h33. Flew on the bike 6 hrs - really 5h40 plus fiddly bits around town getting onto and off the course. Run ok too. Felt tired but took it easy and kept it steady. Really pleased!!! πŸ˜€
John Ratledge, 3x Ironman Triathlete with JBST Ltd., PB Ironman Barcelona 2015 in 12h40mins Premium coaching client from Jan 2014
I've been competing in Ironman for 5 years now, with limited success in fitness and split times but after just five months with Joe I've taken a whopping 1hr 40min off my previous PB.. Joe's guided me through injury and tailored my training to suit me as an individual to make me a fitter, faster and happier triathlete. His knowledge is infinite and his support invaluable. A huge thank you to Joe and roll on next race season. Really happy with the performance and with the result.
Annette Burrows, Ironman Triathlete, IMUK 13h55 (47mins off 2014) and IM Mallorca 13h05 PB & PB splits. Premium coaching client from May 2015
Hi Joe. I raced at Mourne Sprint Triathlon (National Series race) on Saturday and finished 5th overall and 1st in age group. Swim - 12:45, Bike - 34:37, Run - 18:39. Went out to race it really hard and got what I hoped for. Completely empty at the finish and couldn't have put another ounce of effort in. Really happy with the performance and with the result.
James Cleland, Triathlete racing irish Triathlon Series 2015, by text Sept 2015. Coaching client 2010-2015
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I have worked with Joe for nearly two years. During this time he has taken me from a solid age-group athlete to an Ironman (completing Ironman Nice in 10hr33), and this year helped me smash my previous best times for 10, 25 and 50 miles. It takes times to mentally adapt to his philosophy of zone 1 training (85% of time in zone 1), but it works and it is much more sustainable. He understood my background and proneness to injury. He has been great at tailoring things to keep me injury free, adapting training to cope with my busy life, as well as identifying others areas for marginal (and not so marginal) gains. I feel like I have really got the best out of myself, learned a tremendous amount (particularly feeding and pacing for the longer events) and enjoyed the last two years. Thank you Joe!
Dr Oliver Mytton, Triathlete, Ironman and Time Triallist with PB's 10, 25 and 50-miles in 2015. Coaching client on EXTRA package since August 2013.
Thanks Joe, got a PB at Challenge Roth of 10 hr 39, knocking a huge 35 minutes of my bike as well as a PB on the swim and run. The base work, practing race nutrition, power plan and completing a thorough race day plan were all invaluable - felt really strong on the bike, avoided any gut issues for the first time and was able to cope with the high temperature on the run. An unforgettable day! The rest of the season was pretty amazing too with a PB in my Olympic and Middle Distance races leading up to Roth. Thanks so much!
Alistair Duggin Triathlete, with PB's across all distances in 2015. Coaching client on EXTRA package since September 2014.
...hammered it home to the finish line in 3:14:09. Total finish time of 10:27:55 - 2nd in AG - 53rd overall and a KONA QUALIFIER!" For me it's my first real year in triathlon taking it seriously with my coach Joe Beer. If I look back on my first Ironman where I finished in 12:40 fast forward to now I didn't think I'd be sitting here writing this as a Kona qualifier.
Aled Smith Triathlete, Hawaii Ironman Qualifier at IMUK (2nd A/G) July 2015. Coaching client since Sept 2014.
Thank you for helping me improve my 13 year old ironman distance PB by 5mins and my 2012 course PB by 39mins at Outlaw 2015 (in less than favourable conditions) on Sunday. To say I’m pleased is a bit of an understatement. My training, whilst always enjoyable has lately, as you know, been showing signs of my performances improving, and in races matching my own PB’s set years ago. Most of all I seem to be recovering from races and harder efforts more quickly than I can remember, and this is chiefly due to the programmes you set and the flexibility of training built around my day job. Your emphasis on 80% Z1 work in particular causes me less physical stress and benefits me in being able to do more work (or going faster) for the same heart rate. But it’s not just about the programmes, your advice and motivation on all subjects triathlon is given from a background of research and product knowledge and at my bike fit at the end of last year you put me into a very comfortable and maintainable aero position for all distances. All ‘marginal gains’ but all very welcome. Here’s to IM Wales in September and my 15th Ironman distance triathlon……
Dave Ambler 14x Ironman Finisher, PB at 59. Coaching starting January 2002..
Having suffered a stroke and several injuries over the past 10 years, I have struggled to find a coach with the dedication and willingness to commit to seeing me as an individual and tailoring my training to the issues caused by the medication and injuries. Joe has been a breath of fresh air! His commitment to help me to help myself has been remarkable. For the first time in two years I have gone six months without enduring a stress related injury and yet we’ve managed to get several weeks of over 20 hours training. Joe’s commitment to giving advice and protecting me from myself has been incredible. The depth of his knowledge is amazing and when you ask a question there is never any doubt as to whether your coach really knows the answer, he knows! He gives constant advice and is on hand when ever you need him. He’s totally committed to making you as good as you can be. Looking for a great coach….look no further!
Mark Arnell Ironman Triathlete. Coaching client since February 2015.
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Really pleased with my results.. 13h 55m.. where did that come from??!! I found the swim quite easy... started to pass some of the bikes that went out hard , which was a nice confidence booster, the wind wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, more cross winds than head on, really pleased with time, 7h29m.. that's 16min quicker than last year on the new 2 loop course and 10th place in AG. Things started to go a bit wobbly by about mile 18, which, to be honest, was better than I expected with the limited run training, my good knee started to hurt and started to effect my running gait, so did a bit more walking than running, which was probably just as well because I'd lost the ability to count to ten by then.. and then at mile 21 a blister on my toe burst.. yuk! and ouch! so the last lap was quite uncomfortable.. but by now I've got a PB in my head and I really, really, REALLY want to come in under 14 hours!! so just got my head down and got on with it. Averaged 11.58 MPM, and HR was 142. and a HUGE smile for the camera
Annette Burrows Triathlete, course best at IMUK 2015 by 48 minutes and first time sub-14hours in a UK Ironman. Coaching client since May 2015.
“The red carpet was too short and went too quick! But I finished and I have the medal. You usually ask if I am happy with the time. On paper, no I'm not. But looking back at what I went through, yes, I am very happy. Tim Don won't loose any sleep, but I fought and won battles with many demons, mainly the cold. I'm over the moon... All in all I one very happy person! Thank you for all your help, Joe."
Matt Probitts Triathlete, first middle-distance completion at Ironman 70.3 Exmoor, e-mail 1st July 2015. Coaching client since January 2014.
“Training for all 3 sports helped build endurance without the rigorous impacts of purely running. Despite not actually racing all distances I am quicker at everything from 5k to marathons and that's with pretty much 90%+ training in zone 1! I've actually run more this year than any previous years but it has felt like less due to the lower intensity, increased recovery speeds and much smarter training plan. Arranging sessions in an order that allows the best recovery has helped prevent injury(ie trying not to run consecutive days). Body work and stretching/roller also feels beneficial.!"
Luke Youlden, Triathlete, debut Ironman Frankfurst 10h55mins, Marathon PB by 16 minutes, e-mail 15th Oct 2014. Coaching client since 29th August 2014.
“Smashed it. Won my age group, won my wave and 2nd fastest overall. Get in!!! So pleased you made me race. 3 weeks running in the last 4 months made me nervous. Nailed it. Thanks coach. Blood profiling results showed massive deficiency... been taking supplements last 2 weeks and big spike in energy!"
Lee Piercy, Duathlete, Age Group National Champion - Texts 12th Oct 2014. Coaching client since 7th June 2000.
“@coachjoebeer thank you for your unwavering belief, year round behind-the-scenes prep + developing me as an athlete year on year. #goldstar"
Vicky Gill, Professional Triathlete/Duathlete , after Bronze in European Champs - Tweet 10:18PM 13th Sept 2014. Coaching client Oct 2010-Feb 2015
“Joe. I won!!!!! (Powerman UK 2014) No idea of timings but I think I had a lead of 200m coming out of T2 and I held it!! For the first time in my life I felt like I won it on the run!!!!! Proudest I have ever been. More than ever THANK you for taking time to help me make this possible. You're a true legend."
Chris Goodfellow, Triathlete/Duathlete , by text 11th May 2014. Coaching client since 2009
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“In the first month of training with you, I have found that I have seen improvements in all three Disciplines. My cycling top speed is the same, but my heart rate is about 20-25bpm lower. I'm really enjoying training at the moment and the Ironman I've have entered, is still daunting, but not quite as daunting as it was! I now believe I can complete the race.." Update September 2014 after completing ETONMAN "JB knows his stuff... Better results in eight months than the last 10 years!"
Matt Probitts, Triathlete , by e-mail Feb & text September 2014. Coaching client since 2013
“I meant to add a big thank you to you for getting me to this point and providing the smart training methods and sound, sensible advice that has allowed me to race to my best in London. You asked me the other day on email what was my best race performance... without doubt it is now London. Peaked perfectly."
James Cleland, Triathlete, 33rd A/G PruHealth World Champs OD 2013, by e-mail Sept 2013. Coaching client since 2010-2013
“I must say the programme for the weeks ahead looks brilliant. I am really looking forward to repeating the experience of Liverpool again at London, as I said I reckon we can get another minute out of the run and perhaps 30 sec each off the swim and the bike but still be within the pace levels. Thanks a mill for all your support Joe, it makes all the difference."
Roger Sheridan, Triathlete, World Championship Age Group Qualifier, by e-mail July 2013. Coaching client since Nov 2010
It's not often I am proud of a result soon after finishing but I really know I did well today. Apart from fading a little late in the run (which cost me age group 3rd place) I felt strong and in control all day. I even had a decent swim (for me)! I've definitely proved to myself that I am back as a triathlete, and also that 70.3 is a distance worth doing again in the future. I wouldn't have got from last year to here without your guidance. The proof is always in the pudding, yeah? So thanks again.
Mark Rickinson, Triathlete, 4h 22mins Cotswold-113 15th overall, 4th M40-44. Coaching client since 2007 (UK & Australia)
“You had me ready again for the big event, Thanks Joe. I'm over the moon. οΏΌοΏΌ 1st female (listed as fastest lady!!!) And-  The Arthur Justin Trophy-  Beryl Burton is on the trophy as a previous winner and it goes back to 1946. 1:12:03 on a hard course only a few went under the hour. I beat the second lady by just 6 secs. Your pacing suggestion was spot on, I did the first 12.5miles in 37:06 at 171 Watts and hr 164. Then was able to increase speed and power for the 2nd half, the time 34:55 at 180 Watts and hr 168.  Thanks Joe, some good winter training and a Joe Beer Majorca camp has done the trick!!”
Debbie Sheridan, Time triallist, multiple RTTC Age Group Champion, by e-mail May 2013. Coaching client since 2002
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Thanks for a great training programme this winter. The intensity and work load have been spot on. Enough to challenge me but for the first time ever I have been able sustain a programe for 3 to 4 months. Really looking forward to the season now, feeling as strong as ever and only just coming out of base training. Thanks for all your help!
Simon Smart, Triathlete/Time triallist, Team Drag2Zero. Coaching client 2011-2013
I can honestly say I never dreamt of riding a ''52'' this year and thanks to your guidance I have achieved a goal beyond my dreams!! I can't wait to start racing in 2012 with your continued guidance. Our weekly chats are an inspiration to me.
Jeremy Wootton, Time triallist, multiple life-time bests in 2011. Coaching client since Oct 2011
Hi Joe, quick update. Fantastic and tough day yesterday great course great event brilliant support. Much much better than first Bolton IM. Your bike power figures worked a treat as suggested held back on climbs a bit frustrating at the time but because of the control had a great run and time on a hilly course. 700 O/A and 9th in A/G, progress. Cheers Joe thanks for all your help
Dave Ambler, Triathlete, 13h 36mins Ironman Wales 2011. Coaching client 2002-2005, 2008-present.
Still kind of blown away by the result on Sunday. Kind of doesn't seem real. I am so very grateful for all your help and guidance over the last few years and am certain that I would not have got to this point without you. So a MASSIVE thank you!!! Hard to believe I have only got 6 weeks until I head off to Kona. After the race on Sunday it kind of feels like I can head to the big Island with nothing to prove to myself and my main focus ENJOYMENT. A very very happy Chris
Chris Goodfellow, Triathlete, 8h 47mins PB at Challenge Copenhagen. Coaching client since 2009
Hot and hilly. No place to hide in 70.3 Switz today. Got 3rd place in European 70.3 Executive Challenge and a slot for the Worlds. Viva Las Vegas!!!!!!! P.S. Thanks coach! dream result
Peter Harding, Triathlete, 70.3 Worlds qualifier and multiple Ironman finisher with JBST. Coaching client since July 2008.
PB tonight 57:04, came 3rd in club beating rivals by a few seconds. I'm veryhappy as felt good and went well giving it everything. We have now finished the targetted races for thie season very successfully… the big objectives have been achieved (thank you)" 12th July 2013 I got a 22:35 PB last night beating all my rivals this time (nearest one being 5 secs behind !). Very satisfying. Glad I took your advice to ride it as I probably wouldn’t have done it if we hadn’t spoke. I really have got more from the season than I could have hoped for, thanks for all the excellent advice” (23:40 was his best coming into the 2010 season)" July 2010
Dr John Dromey, Time trialist. Coaching client 2000-2002 and October 2008 to present.
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Andrew Devonald 70.3 World Champs 2018.
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Debbie Sheridan: multiple RTTC medallist 10, 25, 50, 100-miles & UWCT World Championship qualifier 2015, 2016. 2018/2019 lifetime PB’s, 23:38 & 58:25 and A/G medals including Welsh Championship 2019
Stacks Image 21748
Dan Bloy:
Multiple course PB’s, Open podiums and part of CTT 30-mile Team Competition Record 2018.
Stacks Image 21764
Paul Thomas:
Ironman Cozumel 3rd A/G 2018 (PB 9h28) qualified Hawaii Ironman World Championship 2019.

Ironman Cozumel 5th A/G 2016, 10h45sec PB and qualified for Kona. 2017 Hawaii Ironman World Championships finisher 10h25mins
Stacks Image 7069
Dave Ambler: PB and 2nd A/G 60-64 Ironman Copenhagen 12h8mins.
Ironman finisher 20x including World Championship Hawaii 2017.
Stacks Image 5489
Adrian Lane: client for 2016/2017 seasons progressing: 10miles 23:13 to 20:16; 25miles 62:00 to 50:25
Stacks Image 6286
Aled Smith:
Ironman Lanzarote 2nd A/G 2015, 70.3 Ironman Staffs 2015 2nd A/G.
IMUK 2015 2nd A/G qualified for 2015 Hawaii Ironman World Championships - 10h30mins in Kona
Stacks Image 5583
James Cleland:
3rd A/G overall (1st 40-44) Challenge Galway 2016. 4h47 Dublin 70.3 2016. Multiple A/G wins and Top 10 overall’s.
Stacks Image 5593
Vicky Gill: (coached until Feb 2015; advisor June 2016)
Bronze medal ETU LD Champs 9h42 (PB) - Ironman UK 5th & 70.3 Exmoor 4th
RTTC 25 Champs 5th
RTTC 10 Champs 9th

1st Outlaw 9h50mins CR - 2nd Outlaw Half
Stacks Image 5569
Scott Neyedli: Ironman Wales 2013 Champion - National Champion
Middle distance 2013 -
8h17 Scottish Record @ Ironman Western Australia 2009
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Chris Goodfellow: Dambuster Tri 2017 winner - PowerMan UK winner 2014, 5h50mins - Cotswold 113 winner 2014. Ironman World Champs 2011, 8:47 PB at Challenge Copenhagen 2012
Stacks Image 9452
Lee Piercy: Powerman Arizona winner 2015, World Duathlon medalist 2016, World & UK Duathlon Age Group Champion 2014
Stacks Image 9460
Peter Harding: 2x Ironman World Championship finisher
Enter the name for this tabbed section: Aero/Bike Fitting & One-to-One
Previous clients include:

Vicky Gill - 2014 European Long Course Bronze Medallist (9h42), Top 10 RTTC time trial list & 2013 Outlaw winner (9h50)

Aled Smith - IMUK 2nd in A/G and Hawaii Ironman World Championship finisher 2015 (10h30)

Crystal Spearman - multiple RTTC medallist, silver medal 24h RTTC Championship and 12hour World Championship 2017

Lee Piercy - Multiple Age Group World and European Champion Duathlete

Jon Hall - Ironman Switzerland 9h59mins and Top 10% at Hawaii Ironman World Championship 2015 with 4h58 bike split

Mark Hanby - multiple European/World Championship qualifier A/G Triathlete

Debbie Sheridan - multiple-10, 25, 50 and 100-mile RTTC age group medalist and UWCT (UCI) World Championships 2015, 2017

Peter Harding - CEO Hawaii Ironman World Championship finisher 2009 and 2014, 70.3 World Champs Qualifier 2011

Paul Thomas - Ironman Cozumel bike split PB (5h14) and qualifier for Hawaii world Championship 2017 and 2019 (45-49 A/G)

“Thank you for all your support this season, it’s honestly been invaluable. At the start of the season I was in a bit of a state and disillusioned with the whole scene, genuinely ready to write it all off. Our first chat was a shot in the dark, I listened and followed your advice and surprise, surprise my results improved. In hindsight I’m a little disappointed with Madrid but mainly through measures out of my control. I feel I was ready but events on the day conspired against my prep. Cotswolds however was amazing. Diamonds in the legs as they say! Nutrition was 100% spot on, as was your pacing. To win my age group and to run at the pace you told me I could do was crazy! So a GB AG outing, an AG win at my first 70.3 and off the back of that I’ve also PB’d in 10mile and 25mile TT’s AND won the Cornish Cup (Trophy inbound) πŸ† To top it all off I’m about to welcome a baby into the world in the next week or so, all in all a great season, especially given that a few months ago I was ready to quit. I honestly owe you -and by extension of your coaching, Kinger- everything this season. Although hopefully not the baby part, I’m pretty sure that was all me. Thanks mate, we’ll catch up soon to action next seasons prep and goals. Legend”
James Grogan, Time Triallist (Giant Helston) 2023 Cornwall Cup Winner.
"Just a quick one to say that I’m out in Lanza and been able to give the bike go outside for the first time since the aerofit, what a difference!! Lots of PRs cropping up on Strava, time on TT bars for long stretches really comfortable and today I was freewheeling, with training wheels but holding the position on the way back to Costa Teguise and the boys were having to pedal to keep up!! Well impressed! Thanks again, Pete
Email from Pete Lloyd January 22nd 2018 - BioRacer POP-UP Aero Optimisation session, Tenby.
"I have to say I was hugely surprised and pleased with the level of detail that I experienced during the aero fit process with you Joe, the gains we managed to find on the day were massive considering the overall context and I cant wait to see what those wattage savings translate into during the coming Ironman season!! Thanks again and I advise anyone looking to get faster to get signed up and save those watts!!"
BioRacer POP-UP Aero Optimisation session, Tenby Nov 2017, Mat Pritchard
"Being a coach at a local turbo centre, it was too good an opportunity to turn down when Joe offered to take the Bioracer Aero Virtual Wind tunnel bike fit system on the road! I was one of four clients Joe analysed and fitted during the day. I was really impressed with how thorough he was and also with the accuracy of the system and software. Having had a good season by most standards, Welsh age group champ, Challenge World finals and a 70.3 PB, I was after extra gains because I just missed out on the 70.3 worlds by one place in one race and 44 seconds in another! Joe advised on equipment; covering tyres, tyre pressure as well as skins-suits and trip socks. The aerotunnel software picked the slightest of movements and showed the gains being made with each change of position. In summary the BioRacer system and Joe saved me over 8 seconds per mile! Gains I aim to put to good use in the 2018 season"
BioRacer POP-UP Aero Optimisation session, Tenby Nov 2017, Pete lloyd, IM Gydnia 70.3 9th AG IM Dublin 70.3 6th, 7th 10th AG 2015-17
"Great session with Joe. Some huge wattage savings obtained without the need for a huge adjustment. My position is now not only more aero, but allows me to generate more power with a less restricted pedal stroke. Really happy with the improvements made.."
BioRacer Aero Optimisation client Evan Rouse, July 2017
"worth it even if it’s just to understand more about the numbers side of cycling, you get to see in real time what little changes can make. Joe giving you feed back throughout, making sure you can see forward by Reading back the data on the screen, best part was seeing the different from how i was before, to the position i can hold with position training now. and little thing you can do for different distance events."
BioRacer Aero Optimisation client Crystal Spearman, RTTC medllist and World 12h Silver medallist, sessions May & July 2017
"Hi Joe Just thought I would let you know I raced my first TT on Sunday after implementing the changes you recommended during the aero session a few weeks ago. Would you believe it I came away with a 10 mile PB and a massive 1min 30sec off last year time on the same course. Thanks again for all the aero wake up call."
BioRacer Aero Optimisation client Martyn Leach May 2017
"Thanks for (Aero Optimisation Session) Friday Joe. I took the first vet prize on the S26 on Sunday by 1 second. It must have been my new starting position with my hands in the middle and not on the cow horns."
BioRacer Aero Optimisation client Paul Vowles May 2017
"Very worthwhile. The session gives you immediate data on changes made and makes you think about things more than you might otherwise. After the session, without all the adjustments we discussed, I took 54 seconds off my 25 TT PB with only 3w more power. Thanks Joe and I’m looking forward to seeing how low I can go this season."
BioRacer Aero Optimisation client Neil Crowther March 2017
"Simply Brilliant. The real time data feedback is a great aspect of this system;unlike a conventional wind tunnel you can see how small variations in head and shoulder position may change your frontal area as soon as you make them.Personally I achieved a solid 35-40W improvement over my baseline. The watts per pound in this case is 3, a number that would beat any new frame or disc. Even better is that it’s applicable to every TT’r, triathlete and road racer out there. This is a no brainer for anyone looking to smash old PBs and set a new standard for their racing! "
BioRacer Aero Optimisation client Adrian Lane December 2016
"Having bought a time trial bike I had lots of issues with aches and pains and nearly giving up on the bike thinking I will never complete 112miles it was just too uncomfortable !! So I booked the 14-point bike fit with Joe I must say his knowledge of triathlon is second to none his attention to detail was superb and the adjustments made to the bike made a huge huge difference I have to say that it was worth every penny and on Ironman UK day knocked 2 hours off my PB "
Precision Bike Fit client Ian Clements June 2016
"Just wanted to say a big thanks for all your support with the precision bike fitting for my new Scott Plasma 5. The use of the RadLabor systems plus your expertise has meant that the few adjustments to my previous position (whilst taking a little time to get used to) are starting to show real benefits. I am now more comfortable and faster - recent results have seen improvements on comparable bike splits and I even managed the fastest bike split by 29 seconds at a recent sprint triathlon. "
Precision Bike Fit client Mark Hanby e-mail 30th July 2015
"Just wanted to say a big thanks for all your support with the precision bike fitting for my new Scott Plasma 5. The use of the RadLabor systems plus your expertise has meant that the few adjustments to my previous position (whilst taking a little time to get used to) are starting to show real benefits. I am now more comfortable and faster - recent results have seen improvements on comparable bike splits and I even managed the fastest bike split by 29 seconds at a recent sprint triathlon. "
Precision Bike Fit client Mark Hanby e-mail 30th July 2015
"just a follow up to the recent bike fit at Southfork. I still don't really understand how the down and back on the saddle has worked out so well but it has! Far from wanting to creep forward to the handlebars with the longer stretch I am much more planted than ever before. It feels great. But best of all my chronic back and buttock pain has all but gone. The previous set up was obviously the source of some dodgy movement in my lower back. Maybe I'm riding faster but to be honest that comes second place to having a happy back! Thanks for your help! “Terrific bike fit today with @coachjoebeer - pain free ride home (bar the hills!) what a difference, many thanks #cycling"
Bike Fit and client Andrew Barley @Psyclyst, e-mail 2nd Sept and Tweet 22nd August 2014
“Club 10... NEW pb 29:05 knocking 1min 28secs off THANK YOU JOE!!!!!”
Bike Fit and 1-2-1 client Liz Hall, Triathlete, e-mail 3rd July 2014
“Thanks Joe for the bike fit, 1-1 session last week. Falmouth Tri today av. speed up 1.5mph, more comfort, higher position (overall in) 34th place!”
Justin Day, Triathlete, Tweet 15th June 2014
“Just wanted to say thanks for the bike fitting last week. I completed both stages of the TdF in Yorkshire with no real worries. Legs were tired by the end however no back pain, knee problems or hip issues so thank you for bike fit its spot on.”
Rob J, Sportive/Fitness rider, by e-mail 21st April 2014
I've been meaning to get in touch for some time, but the differance on the bike after the fit has been well... awesome! I'm getting SO MUCH more power down than i did before, for the same amount of effort. Thanks again for doing the fitting! And for the first time in well, months? The bike is incredibly comfortable while down on the TT bars, I can quite happily go for 3h+ on them now, when before I'd need to stand up maybe every hour or so! Thanks again
Rich Shirley, Triathlete, received by e-mail 1st May 2012
Hi Joe, I'd like to thank you for today, I thoroughly enjoyed and gained a lot of valuable info and I am able to see things a lot clearer on what work I need to do. I am now chomping at the bit and looking forward to putting things into practice. Cheers
Justin May , Triathlete, Max Test, BikeFitting and 1-2-1 session, January 2012
Have been at on bike now a couple times both on hills and flats and am very happy with it. Feel so much more comfortable riding and now am not scared to use it :-). I’ve ordered the Q-rings and am in the process of fitting them so cant wait to try them out. Thanks again for your help last week
Neil Castree, Triathlete, BikeFitting session, August 2011
Enter the name for this tabbed section: Training camps
“Having attended and helped coach many Royal Air Force run training camps at Club La-Santa you will pleased to know that as always Joe Beer put on an incredible show with much planning, flapping and organisation behind the scenes to ensure that as always, it ran to perfection for you guys and does year on year. With its new and improved facilities La Santa was a perfect venue and we were greeted by warm temperatures and favourable light winds. It was a great opportunity to meet up with a fantastic group of people and athletes and of course catch up with my old friend Joe Beer (Still a poor dancer). Have a good season whether it is long haul or short and fast and I will see you out there. Regards Greg”
Sgt Greg Macdonald| SNCO PEd Flt, RAF Leeming, by e-mail March 2016.
“Just to say thanks to you and the gang for another great week in Lanzarote. Great training, great information and great fun. I have to say this was probably the best in the six I’ve been to so far, probably helped by my step up to G2 and competing in the tri for the first time in a while."
Dave Ambler, 12x Ironman finisher, by e-mail Feb 2015.
“Thank you Joe, Dan and Tiia for a fantastic week. I enjoyed every minute. Please Let me know when I can sign up for next years camp."
Darren Allen, first-timer on the JBST camp, by e-mail Feb 2015.
"...thank you for such a productive and enjoyable camp at La Santa. I, like many of the other participants, learnt a great deal from you both and now have to apply this in practice. For two such accomplished and respected athletes and coaches, I was really impressed with how you tutored those of us that do not benefit from the Brownlee gene pool! There were some great people on the camp and everyone I have spoken to had an equally enjoyable time and I suspect will be signing up next year; as I have. I have also thanked Paul, the Irish hairdresser for recommending your camp to me, who holds you both in high regard."
Russel de Beer, Triathlete, by e-mail 17th Feb 2014.
"Didn't get a chance on the last night to thank you all for your time, support and encouragement during the CLS [camp]. I loved the whole experience and have annoyed my husband by going on and on about all the details!"
Louella O'Herlihy, Triathlete, by e-mail 11th Feb 2014.
“Thanks for last week's excellent tri camp at Club La Santa. Really boosted my enthusiasm for tri.”"
Evan DeBarra, Triathlete, Tweeted 10:53am 11th Feb 2014.
“Just to say a big thank you Tiia and all the coaches for organising a great CLS camp and for inviting me along. Happy Training”"
Scott Neyedli, Ironman Champion, by e-mail Feb 2014.
“I throughly enjoyed the camp and you certainly deserve a vote of thanks for all the hard work that you put into it. I appreciate that things running smoothly happen as a result of a lot of hard work and planning.”"
Roger Sheridan A/G PruHealth World Championship OD 2013 , by e-mail Feb 2013.
Hi Joe. THANK YOU, it was a brilliant week, and a really nice group of people. I really enjoyed myself.
Simon Smart (CLS Camp 2013)
It was a great camp Joe, really enjoyed being back doing long swim sets and the 1 hour run etc were good. Your coaching and communication in lay-man’s terms just gets better all the time.
Gary Holmes (Majorca Bike Week, 2013)
Just writing to thank you so much for the camp last week. Tony and I learnt sooooo much and have returned with lots of ideas and things to do differently. More than that though our motivation is now sky high! We both completed the Warwick Sprint Triathlon on Sunday. We both knocked time off previous event Tony nearly 7 mins and me 11 mins-mostly during the bike We were not sure what to expect on the camp so are delighted with the outcomes and would certainly recommend it to others. Many thanks and best wishes
Sheila & Tony Tucker (Tri SMARTER, Sept)
Thanks very much for a great camp at CLS last week. I was apprehensive about coming along, but it was excellent – great training, great learning and excellent company. People thought I was mad going on holiday to train, but no regrets my end! Please pass on my thanks to Ben as well. Now to get myself squared away and get the winter training sorted ... I may well be in touch!
Phil Earl (Tri SMARTER, Sept)
Thanks so much for the wonderful training camp. I loved being there, the organization and training plan were ideal for this time of year, and the company both of the coaching people and the attending people was the best ever.
Ludovica Bruno
Please thank all of your team for the professional handling of the tri group last week. Much fun was had but, it was the safety of the riders in the groups that I was particularly pleased with. I was quietly worrying myself to begin with as I just don't trust anyone around me on the road. By the third day I'd forgotten the fear and it was all about hanging on for 'the climb
Dave Lane
Thank you for a great camp! Each year gets better, I don't know how you do it. The balance of training, the great team you have, and the organised talks and advice is just brilliant. The location and sunshine help, I have to say. I am sure we will be making an appearance next year again. :-)
Debbie Coney
Enter the name for this tabbed section: Groups
Just a short note to say a huge thanks for coming down and giving the training seminar on Saturday. All the people that I have spoken to, say how much they enjoyed the presentation and what an eye opener it was, it's certainly led to some new thinking! Quite a few on todays ride are suggesting we now do HR max tests and maybe VO2 max tests, just to work out training zones and performance, um, we'll see..........Many thanks Joe
Tony Rowell, Tri Logic Cornwall.
Thanks for a brilliant day. I've had loads of positive feedback from people at the club. You're relaxed/informal approach worked very well. The day has certainly got people thinking about their training and nutrition - me included. On that note you'll be glad to know that I have stopped buying those nasty Nutrigrain bars and instead stuff my face with the hydrogenated fat free Jordans bars!!! Thanks again for a great day..
Tony Dix, Tri Team Gloucester
Joe, Thank you once again. The feedback from the people that made the time was superb I hope we can continue these sessions as "listening" is the first discipline! ...I have spoken to 6 or so and heard from others and they really took alot from the day and, most of all, enjoyed it.
Leigh Bichard, Tewkesbury Tri Club.
Just a quick note to say thanks for yesterdays training day. There was some really positive feedback from people on the way out and the whole day was pitched at precisely the level we were after. I have to say as a "coach in training", of all of the coaches I have met and listened to, on both coach courses and training days, your method and approach to training has been the closest to the way I would like to develop and it was inspirational for me personally to see what I believe in, put over so well. Thanks again.
Rich Carr, Triathlon Coach to Kingfisher Tri Club

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